Katsina Farmers Commend Agricultural Seeds Council On Improved Varieties – New Nigerian Newspaper

Seed farmers in Katsina State  have commended the efforts put in place by the National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC) in ensuring farmers have good and quality seed for the farming programme.

Speaking at the field day programme organized by NASC at Kanan Haki village in Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State at the weekend, the state chairman Maize Farmer Alhsji Bello ABUBAKAR Annur made the commendation .

He said farmers day has given them the opportunity to have knowledge of knowing the correct and quality seed during farming season.

Annur advised farmers to always buy their seeds at the approved seed company to avoid buying adulterated seeds.

According to him with the current steps taken by the government in arresting the situation of adulterated seed in circulation is a welcome development.

Earlier in his address, the Zonal Director, National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC) North-West, Ubandoma Hudu Mohammed has assured farmers of their council’s commitment towards ensuring high quality improved seeds with genetic purity was produced by the seed companies before selling their products to farmers.

Ubadoma said the council has introduced high quality seeds that are striga free and draught tolerance that will benefit grassroots farmers.

He said, NASC is the regulatory agency saddled with the responsibility of certification of any kind of seeds produced by the seed companies in accordance with the fulfillment of the Nigerian Seed Law.

According to him, Nigeria will be sustainable, attain economic development, self-efficient and agricultural dependent if seed companies produce highly improved seeds that will boost agricultural production.

Government has inaugurated a strong committee to go round the markets and  seized all adulterated seeds already in circulation.

Ubandoma explained further that, previous materials used is giving problems to farmers because they have no knowledge of climate change, striges tolerance and draught tolerance as well as when to start farming.
In North West Zone there are 88 registered seed companies while about 20 seed companies are waiting  registration.

The field day is organized in collaboration of NASC, MAAN and SEEDAN it was successfully conducted.

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