What we do


The National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) was established in December, 2007 as an Agency of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in line with the provisions of National Agricultural Seeds Act No. 72 of 1992.

The NASC is charged with the overall development and regulation of the national seed industry.

The functions of the Council include:

  • Analyse and formulate programmes, policies and actions regarding seed development and the seed industry in general, including research on issues relating to seed testing, registration, release, production, marketing, distribution, certification, quality control, supply and use of seeds in Nigeria, importation and exportation of seeds.
  • Design improved management systems and procedures relating to the administration of seed activity.
  • Advise the Federal Government on the organization, management and financing of seed programmes.
  • Analyse the market and prices of seeds.
  • Advise the national research system on the changing pattern of seed demand and farmers’ needs.
  • Monitor and evaluate the achievements of the national seed system and recommend improvement.
  • Encourage the establishment in Nigeria of seed companies for the purpose of carrying out research , production, processing and marketing of seeds; and
  • Regulate the Seed Industry in Nigeria.