Mr. Minh was appointed Director of Plant Variety Protection Office on December 1, 2015, having previously held the role of Examiner on PVP since 2004.

From 1983 to 2004 he worked for National Center for Plant Variety Evaluation and Seed Certification (NCVESC) just after graduated from Agriculture University No2 in Vietnam. In 2004 he moved to Plant Variety Protection Office of Vietnam (PVPO) when PVPO is established and has been working there as Examiner until became Vice – Director from June 2015 then Director of PVPO on 1st December, 2015.

In the period of 2004 to 2011, he used to attend the training courses on Plant Variety Protection under UPOV Convention in Japan (2004), the Netherlands (2007), United State of America (2005 and 2008) and in UPOV (2011).

He received MS Degree in 1998 then PhD degree in 2004 on Plant Breeding and Selection of tomato at Vietnam Agriculture Academy Science (VAAS). 

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